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Jim Beam Unveils New Branding and Packaging By Turner Duckworth

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/02/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Kentucky bourbon brand Jim Beam has announced a new ad campaign called “People Are Good For You.” The campaign aims to celebrate the special feeling of being around other people.

In addition to a new commercial by Leo Burnett, Jim Beam is also rolling out a refreshed brand identity and packaging design by Turner Duckworth. The agency reworked core branding elements like the logotype, rosette, and label to emphasize the warmth and informal approachability that’s part of the Jim Beam identity. The labels are woodcut illustrations that are inked, printed, then foiled. They also introduced a new bespoke typeface inspired by past bottles. Other changes include a slightly revised neck shape and metal caps replacing the plastic tops.

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“Great brands always seem to have a spirit of place about them. Talking to Fred Noe, the great-grandson of Jim Beam, we kept hearing about the Beam family porch,” said Matt Lurcock, creative director at Turner Duckworth. “It’s where Beam was first bottled and shared, where traditions were born, and where folks came together time and again for more than seven generations. Bringing this spirit of the porch together with the unmistakable marks of Jim Beam retained all the brand’s familiarity but packed it full of warm, honest soul.”

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Jim Beam’s new branding and packaging will debut in the US and Japan in June, with a global rollout shortly after that.

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