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Omsom Launches Saucy Noodles

by Chloe Gordon on 05/01/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Omsom is known for effortlessly bringing bold Asian flavors to everyone, making dishes accessible through its pouches, and bringing restaurant-quality Asian flavors into any home kitchen effortlessly.

The brand's success within the sauce space has been staggering. In their first year of business alone, they sold out seven times, shipped to all 50 states in 2 months, launched two lines (Southeast Asian + East Asian), and collaborated with Disney and Ajinomoto. Since then, they've added even more remarkable accolades to their resume, and now, they're expanding even further. 


The co-founders and sisters, Kim and Vanessa Pham, have just announced that Omsom is further diversifying their portfolio by launching Omsom's latest venture, Saucy Noodles. 

The new product system and retail-specific packaging is designed in collaboration with Faven Creative, the same agency to develop its retail sauce packs. Accordingly, the design seamlessly captures a similar dynamic—maximalist packaging—for which the brand is known. Furthermore, the containers are a harmonious extension of the sauce pack design with bright boxes, bold typography, and playful geometric shapes. 

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In addition to the new product launch, Omsom is simultaneously rolling out an "eXXXtra saucy" campaign that honors Asian American dignity. And while the brand is known for its actively bright aesthetic, the new campaign exemplifies a distinctive old-school vibe that highlights making meals more intentional. Omsom produced all the photography in-house and worked with Tyna Hoang on food styling.

"Our packaging design is purposefully bold, maximalist, and unapologetic—the trademark of Omsom's visual system since day one. Not only do we want our packaging to grab attention on shelves, but more importantly, we want it to embody our ultimate goal of celebrating Asian American joy and pleasure," shares Kim Pham, co-founder of Omsom. "This is reflected in our "eXXXtra saucy" visual campaign, which is really moody, slightly retro, and includes hands, mouths, cheeks, and full tablescapes to evoke the sensual experience of indulging in our Saucy Noodles."


The Pham sisters set out to build a brand that conveniently brings restaurant-quality flavors to consumers' homes. The new Saucy Noodle boxes are a beautifully seamless brand extension with packaging that remains easily recognizable on shelves and online, furthering the sisters' mission. The question now is: what’s next for the brand? 

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