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Featured image for Oddworks' Coffee Packaging Leans Into the Abnormal

Oddworks' Coffee Packaging Leans Into the Abnormal

by Chloe Gordon on 01/25/2023 | 2 Minute Read

In the coffee world, when it comes to packaging design, there's an unspoken elitist aesthetic visualized through a minimalistic, brutally bland lens. When a brand can cleverly depart from some of the tired, pretentious undertones, there's a genuine chance to stand out and push consumers into a visual space that's as bold as the rich beans.

Oddworks Coffee is a subscription-based coffee brand working to make coffee's visual aesthetics take a walk on the wild, odder side. And beyond being brewed to order to ensure only the freshest shipments, the brand is taking a clever nod from the boxed wine industry. Not only does the box allow for differentiation within the coffee industry, but it reduces waste and Oddworks' carbon footprint by not shipping around so much glass (that's commonly associated with bottled cold brew). Of course, those liquid bags are often difficult to recycle, but we digress.


Andstudio, a design agency based in Lithuania, designed the packaging and identity system for the brand by leaning into an energetic mindset, focusing on distorted shapes and contrasting color combinations. 

While the goal was to create an "odd" brand, the system flows seamlessly, proving the intrigue and gravitational pull of the innate creativity you can find within the unconventional. Instead of relying heavily on characters or an arbitrary narrative, the branding leans into the basic elements of graphic designs inspired by rich colors and lively shapes.  


The typography featured on the packaging also takes an odd form. The geometric pattern doubles as a typographic element, amplifying the surface area of the packaging and intentionally repurposing letters into decorative design elements. 

While it can seem following the crowd is the easiest choice for creating packaging designs that consumers will relate to, sometimes, breaking away into a strange space will inspire more intrigue and best differentiate your brand and its unrivaled qualities. 


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