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Ketchup Is the Latest Condiment To Get the Frozen Dessert Treatment With The 'Frenchsicle'

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/22/2022 | 1 Minute Read

The summer of 2022 is fast turning into the season of savory frozen treats. 

Recently ice cream brand Van Leeuwen partnered with mustard mavens Grey Poupon on a special summer flavor. McCormick-owned French’s ketchup seemingly felt left out and has teamed up with Happy Pops to create a ketchup-based popsicle they call a “Frenchsicle.”

The ketchup pops are made from Canadian tomatoes and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Frenchsicles get packaged in sachets featuring an image of the sweet and savory treat, and the phrase “Ketchup and Chill” in English and French is along the top of the packaging. On the front of the ice pop, there appears to be a label similar to French’s ketchup bottles with the brand’s flag logo and a tomato. The background is a bright yellow reminiscent of mustard, giving the packaging a classic summer condiment color combination.

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“This year, we're bringing the fun back to summer with the Frenchsicle,” said Trevor Squires, country manager for McCormick & Company, Canada, in a press release. “It's exciting to celebrate local food and flavor, from the roots of the Frenchsicle, made with 100 percent Canadian tomatoes, to our Happy Pops partnership.”

Frenchsicles are available in pop-up locations this week across Canada. Additionally, French’s is donating two meals to Food Banks Canada for every Frenchiscles given away.

Images courtesy of French's.