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Attitude Announces Plastic-Free Personal Care Collection Leaves Bars

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/22/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Canadian-based home and personal care brand Attitude has announced a new line of plastic-free products called Leaves Bars. The Leaves range of solid bars includes 29 different hair, body, and hand bars. Attitude’s Leaves bars are EWG verified, going beyond ingredient and labeling standards set by the FDA and granted by Environmental Working Group.

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Designed by Attitude’s team in-house, the packaging is FSC-certified, utilizes recyclable cardboard, and is plastic-free. The cardboard boxes and tubes feature colorful, organic shapes with long leaves, while typography comes set in a gold-like color with sharp forms reminiscent of plant foliage. 

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Attitude’s new range of zero-plastic bars is the latest in the brand’s commitment to providing plastic-free products, including plastic-free deodorant and eco-refill packaging, which reduces plastic use by 80% on average. Additionally, Attitude plants a tree for every product sold, partnering with reforesting non-profit organizations One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation. To date, Attitude has planted over 1.2 million trees globally.