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HUUE Delivers A Fresh, Full Spectrum Take On Cannabis

by Chloe Gordon on 01/12/2022 | 4 Minute Read

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

At Digital Surgeons, our definition of well-designed brand packaging is not only based on visual aesthetic but by thoughtful intention of both form and function. Excellence takes shape in the form of a holistic packaging strategy that allows new users to not only identify and codify product value easily, but to simplify the message for instantaneous decision-making. This was our charge with HUUETM – to introduce cannabis to an entirely new category of goal-seeking users who would view cannabis as a modern form of everyday wellness, with packaging that would simplify the decision-making process and remove any barriers to entry.


HUUETM is an elevated cannabis experience for those always on-the-go, designed to help high performing people show up as the best versions of themselves, for work, play, and everything in between. HUUETM offers the terpene-rich benefits of traditional flower in a compact and convenient puck for an all-natural, discreet vaporization experience. Digital Surgeons had the pleasure of designing the full brand strategy and portfolio for HUUETM, including everything from naming and positioning to the full brand identity (logo, packaging, website, point of sale, and GTM materials).

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The Challenge

Is this right for me? Cannabis is confusing to those not “in the know.” As legalization expands across the nation, an overwhelming number of cannabis solutions are hitting the shelves with a large majority that lean heavily into cannaculture. A “cannaseur’s” dream of funky fonts, artistic expression, and psychedelic illustration. However, these options alienate a massive subset of potential consumers–new everyday users, from moms to athletes to CEOs–who will come to use cannabis as a part of their wellness regimen. A tool to do more and go farther. These new users are not only apprehensive to try cannabis, but struggle to identify the right products and strains for their unique needs. Many cannabis products still rely on the archaic system of indicas vs. sativas which often leads to more questions than answers. A new solution was needed, one that eliminates confusion and transforms the way we talk about cannabis. A brand packaging experience that simplifies, educates, and eases any barriers to entry, while offering the discretion and portability required for everyday cannabis use.

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The Solution

The team at Digital Surgeons recognized that introducing cannabis to an entirely new population would require a custom packaging solution that addresses their specific needs and desires. Based on deep customer research, HUUETM fuses an elevated, modern apothecary look and feel with a system that lines up to the functional need for discretion, freshness, and ease of use. A solution intentionally designed for the convenience we’ve all come to expect from our everyday products, from discovery to use and everything in between.

Color Theory Aids Discoverability: HUUETM’s packaging design pays homage to the full spectrum benefits of all-natural cannabis and embraces the spectrum in every sense of the word: full spectrum benefits [of cannabis], full spectrum people [with unique needs], full spectrum lives [that are enhanced and enriched with our product], and the full spectrum of color [used as our primary flavor modality]. For many years, the cannabis industry adopted a common color paradigm to crudely identify the effects of strain categories – orange for sativas (energy) and purple for indicas (calm). A system of ups and downs that blurred depending on the strain or THC percentage, and often resulted in more confusion.

HUUETM required a color system that could communicate the brand conceptually while creating a simple-to-understand spectrum for easy flavor selection among all types of users. To do this, we mapped the full suite of HUUETM flavors across the entire color wheel using a quadrant system of Go, Slow, Mind, Body and created endless ability to scale with partnerships, limited editions, or new flavors over time.

From Strains to Gains: Most new users are unfamiliar with strain terminology and what that means for expected effects. For HUUE,TM we transformed the way we speak about cannabis by developing product names that identify targeted effects in a fun, relatable language often used by our millennial audiences in their everyday lives. We then created little thematic moments of delight with actionable messages under each tin lid to reinforce each feeling.

A No-Brainer Experience Made for Discretion: HUUETM’s custom smell-resistant tins allow users to simply slide back the lid, reveal one puck at a time, and drop directly into any flower vaporizer of their choosing–no insider tips, hassle, or mess required. For those always on-the-go, our portable tins slip effortlessly into a pocket or purse, and the smell-resistant seal allows users to take their cannabis anywhere with full discretion. Each element, from tin to blister tray to sticker seal, was custom-designed to lock in both freshness and smell, two main requirements based on customer research.

Convenience Across All Touchpoints: The recent return of the QR code allowed us to effectively link all consumer touchpoints and create a seamless brand experience. QR codes strategically placed on all packaging and point of sale materials grant instant access to additional brand videos, tutorials, and educational content–a quick and modern way to educate not only a new audience, but a new category as well.

Legal Requirements Solved: As with any regulated product, another major challenge was to dedicate space for all legal documentation, including dispensary language, claims, and requirements, while keeping the integrity of the packaging as designed intact. We solved this issue by using the belly band to create designated areas on the back and underside as an opportunity to house it in a way that would protect the beautiful presentation of the packaging. Additionally, we added a hidden, built-in childproof lock that disengages with a simple squeeze and does not hinder a seamless overall experience.