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Adobe Stock Releases 2022 Creative Trends Report

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/12/2022 | 4 Minute Read

With 2022 well underway, software firm Adobe has shared its latest creative trends report, forecasting the significant themes that will inform and guide the year’s visual, design, and motion work. This year’s trend report identifies feelings of connection, inspiration, and relief based on extensive research and insights from consumers and Adobe users.

Unsurprisingly, many of this year’s trends are a response to the ongoing pandemic. Detaching or disconnecting from our harsh and uncertain reality is a significant thread in Adobe’s trend report; creative projects will incorporate nature, folk art, and metaverse-inspired elements to cure the mundane and inspire joy.

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The first visual trend in Adobe’s report is Powerfully Playful. Adobe sees depictions of outdoor recreation serving as a counterpoint to the still grim reality of a pandemic. Going outdoors, alone or in small groups, is one of the few bits of normalcy that remains primarily intact during the pandemic. The fresh air, sunlight, and exercise contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing.

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The next major trend identified by Adobe is also inspired by nature, more specifically the current state of the environment in what the report calls Prioritize Our Planet. Images of the planet’s health, sustainability, activism, and environmental disasters make up the Prioritize Our Planet, and according to Adobe, the trend is a result of a “renewed sense of urgency and solidarity” for saving the planet, and humanity, from further deterioration of the earth.

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The pandemic hasn’t just upended and changed how we shop, work, and learn; Covid has also taken a heavy toll on our psyche. The grief and sadness we’ve collectively experienced these last few years have fueled an emphasis on mental wellbeing in a trend Adobe calls The Centered Self. The section indicates a much-needed nod to self-care and comes filled with imagery depicting self-acceptance, body positivity, meditation, and communing with nature.

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Dancing is often a couple’s or group activity, but if Tik-Tok has taught us anything, we don’t need an IRL crowd to bust a move, and folks danced together-apart via smartphone. In The Groove describes the visual depiction of dance to convey emotion and movement and is inspired by our use of dance for mental health, celebration, and self-expression.

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The first design trend Adobe identifies in its 2021 trends report is Soft Pop, which gets dominated by soft pastels, rounded shapes, 3D cartooning, character narrative, and whimsy. Soft Pop is a response and an attempt to break away from the negativity and feeling of burning out that is sadly more prevalent than before.

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Many people escape their hyperactive digital world to seek serenity in nature. New Naturalism is a design trend that combines post-minimalism with depictions of the physical world, adding a pleasing aesthetic that is also restorative.

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Another design trend that trades on the desire to escape reality is Otherworldly Visions, which draws science-fiction, the metaverse, and Afrofuturism to depict alternative universes. Otherworldly Visions uses optical illusions, bright colors, dreamy imagery, and sharp contrasts to detach from our more drab everyday existence.

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Getting away isn’t limited to the outdoors or the meta. Exploring cultures and other customs through folk art is the driving idea behind the Heritage Craft design trend, which features bright, expressive colors, patterns, and art from crafting traditions from all over the world.

Adobe also included four motion design trends in its report for 2022, which include Metaverse Mix, which sees people escaping into immersive, mixed environments. Dimensional Delights uses cutting-edge technology to create expressive, fun, and detailed models, while Copy and Captions adds motions, glitches, repetition, and shapes around text to add dynamism to words. Like the In the Groove visual trend, the Get Moving motion trend uses people in motion to express celebration through movement.

The entire Adobe Creative Trends report is available here.

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