Agua Mágica's Packaging Delights Through Magical Realism

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/07/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from several types of agave, unlike tequila, which gets produced from a specific type of agave. Mezcal, however, can come from any species of the plant. 

The Mexican spirit has grown in popularity in recent years, and according to some analysts, is on track to continue growing in both sales and consumption. Though produced throughout Mexico, most mezcal gets made in the southern state of Oaxaca, a land full of mysticism that serves as the inspiration for Agua Mágica’s branding and packaging.

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A new mezcal brand focused on traditionally produced small-batch spirits, Agua Mágica’s smoky elixir gets complimented by folkloric motifs and magical realism to portray the rich, vibrant area where it comes from in addition to the lives of the people that produce it. The alcoholic elixir plays a significant role in the community, served up in good times and bad, and even special occasions. 

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The visual identity, branding, and packaging, developed with agency Mythology, weaves together traditional themes and patterns found in Oaxaca, such as geometric patterns and depictions of mezcal making and drinking throughout the packaging. The bottle is wide at the bottom, with a slight blue tint, and wrapped with wire. The label is exquisitely detailed, with some of the copy curiously upside-down. The typography has a flow and air of magic to it, reinforcing the brand’s mystic vibe. Ancient lore and gothic themes are intertwined and remixed in a modern way, an authentic reflection, in some ways, of Oaxaca itself, with Spanish cathedrals and ancient temples existing in the same space.

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Agua Mágica Mezcal Joven is available now for purchase and behind the bar of some of NYC’s finest Mexican restaurants, including Cosme, Atla, and Sobre Masa.

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