Hattomonkey Studio Developed Ironic Label Design for Fanny Adams Wine

by Bill McCool on 02/16/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Looking for a natural wine with some genuine shelf appeal? Look no further than Fanny Adams. With its RAW collection, they've thrown in some playful illustrations that will be the hit of your next dinner party, whenever that is.

Hattomonkey Studio has been in collaboration with Real Authentic Wine, the wine trading company, for several years already. This time it has developed a label design for natural Fanny Adams wine. In order to introduce natural wine to the consumers Real Authentic Wine (RAW) has issued a limited wine collection under its own trademark.

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The product range includes original, often experimental wine from French, Spanish and Russian farms. The project was launched in 2019. The first limited product range included the following labels: Cultural Diversion, Carbonic Attack, Full Drive, Easy Victory, Orange Force, Bashed Face, Orange Flame, Reactivity Charge. For the limited collection 2020 RAW selected new wine: Pet-Day, Red Army, Juice Principal, Malvasium, Orange Gleam, Apple Punchball, Punk Orange, Pet Native.

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Hattomonkey has built up a new visual concept and made label drawings. Fanny Adams is not typical wine from a supermarket, but a bright handmade product. It is perfect to get familiar with the natural wine concept without unnecessary additives and sulfur. Such product required distinctive labels. Both Fanny Adams limited collections are already offered for sale in Real Wine Salon, "Na Vina!", and "Vinny Sklad". Meanwhile, the studio started working on the next label series.

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