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Victoria Cempasúchil Is a Día De Muertos Beer Brewed With Marigolds

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/26/2021 | 2 Minute Read

As the first and second of November approaches, many Mexicans prepare for the annual reunion with deceased past ones—Día de Muertos. To escort the dead back to the world of the living, marigolds, bright flowers native to Mexico, are used as decorations, as some folks believe they guide the dead. Offerings to the deceased, which often include their favorite foods and beverages, get placed on altars. Unsurprisingly, these altars or ofrendas often incorporate beer, but Victoria’s limited-edition brew takes it one step further, adding actual marigolds to Victoria Cempasúchil.

The cans for Victoria Cempasúchil are on theme, with a black background and bright orange and purple marigolds, or cempasúchil, adorning the front, with the Victoria logo along the top. The bottom of the label carries the limited edition beer’s name “Cempasúchil” and underneath, a tagline “El Sabor del Reencuentro,” or “The Taste of Reuniting.”

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Additionally, Victoria has set up a virtual memorial builder where fans can upload photos of their loved ones and create a virtual ofrenda online.

Cempasúchil flowers have signified the reuniting of close ones and a reminder of always being connected, even beyond death, since Aztec times. The marigolds are said to have been created by the sun god Tonatiuh when the pious Xóchitl pleaded with the deity to reunite her with lost lover Huitzilin. The sun god granted her wish, turning her into a flower, and when a hummingbird approached and drank the flower’s nectar, she was once again connected with her lost love, and the petals opened and filled the air with a fragrant scent.

No clue if this happens when you crack open a Victoria Cempasúchil, but, hey, give it a shot.

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