In An Act Of Solidarity, Burger King France Shares DIY Whopper Guide

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2020 | 2 Minute Read

In announcing a strict stay-at-home order, French President Emmanuel Macron declared war against the pandemic, underscoring the seriousness of slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus in the La République. France’s stay-at-home measures include the closing of all restaurants and non-essential businesses, which means no going out to eat for the French citizenry. 

So while Burger King can’t serve up Whoppers to the Gallic people, it has nonetheless taken the opportunity to not only stand in solidarity with the French but also provide some helpful cooking tips for those left pining for a burger.

Editorial photograph

The “Le Whooper de la Quarantine” campaign, conceived and executed with agency Buzzman, features posters with all the ingredients needed for a DIY-at-home Whooper, a visual shopping list for the burger-deprived. The series of posters include other favorites served at BK’s French outlets, including “Le Steakhouse,” “Le Big King,” and “Le Big Fish,” if you know, you’re still not eating meat on Friday for Lent.

Normally, most fast-food chains wouldn’t think to give you a template for their signature dish, but these are strange times indeed, and Burger King is demonstrating solidarity with some humor. And besides, their arch-rival McDonald’s turned Big Mac’s into a jingle to grand effect.

How close one can get to the genuine article will probably depend on your cooking skills and access to a grill, something most Parisians holed-up in tiny city apartments probably lack, but hey, now is not the time to be picky.

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