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Ugly Drinks Releases Regular Ol' Still and Sparkling Water In Aluminum Tall Boys

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/26/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Sparkling water brand Ugly Drinks has just announced an extension to their line with the addition of still and sparkling plain water. Unlike most ready-to-drink water on the market, Ugly sets itself apart from canning water in 16oz aluminum tallboy cans, ditching problematic plastic water bottles.

While plastic or glass bottles are far more common than cans for plain ol’ water, aluminum does have a few advantages over both, like being more durable and more easily recyclable. Canned water can also make use of the existing infrastructure for other beverages, such as soda and beer.

Ugly’s label design also reflects an against-the-grain attitude, the brand’s wordmark gets executed with a graffiti type, and a chat word box houses the flavor name to complete the casual look. Subtly different colors of blue get used to distinguish each type of unflavored, plain water.

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Through a partnership with Oceanic Global, Ugly Drinks will donate a portion of sales of Plain Ugly water to raise awareness of the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

“We’re excited to launch Plain Ugly: an infinitely recyclable, locally sourced alternative to plastic bottles, says Hugh Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Ugly Drinks. “Working in partnership with Oceanic Global will help raise awareness of a huge environmental issue by using Ugly’s fun tone of voice to make a serious topic feel less scary. Oceanic Global works with some of the best specialists helping us to drastically reduce plastic in our supply chain by 2021. For every can sold, we’ll donate to this great cause.”

Plain Ugly is now available on their website.