Glenmore Valentine's Day Promotion: Those Who Print Together, Stay Together.

by Shawn Binder on 03/25/2020 | 2 Minute Read

This marketing effort by Glenmore premier print & packaging house is a marvel. The funky fonts and foiled flourishes showcase the packaging house's personality while quickly appealing to their design customer base. If we were to get any Valentine's Day notes, we'd want them to look as well-designed as these. 

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"Glenmore is an award-winning premier print and packaging house located in Vancouver, BC. Serving a wide range of businesses and industries, they have been at the forefront of printing and packaging techniques since 1981 including variable digital printing, foil stamping, embossing, bindery, and more."

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"Glenmore wanted to promote the fact that they are Canada’s only custom tube manufacturer as well as highlight some of their luxury printing and packaging techniques with a direct mail piece for Valentine’s Day. They needed something that would speak to their core audience of designers and design agencies and be visually engaging enough for people to take notice."

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"We created a gift set that was immediately eye-catching while highlighting several different print techniques offered by Glenmore. Each box contained 3 custom-designed candy containing tubes alongside cheeky Valentine’s Day cards and stickers that played up printing puns."

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Editorial photograph
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  • Design Agency: Best Studio
  • Client: Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging
  • Creative Directors: Sami Christianson & Mariko Whitley
  • Designers: Sami Christianson & Mariko Whitley
  • Printer: Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging
  • Paper: Neenah Paper


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