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Good Vodka Is Looking Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

by Bill McCool on 11/06/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Stranger & Stranger recently unveiled their work on Good Vodka, a sustainable brand made from repurposed coffee fruit waste. Not only does the sustainable vodka brand get a beautiful bottle, but they also get a nifty custom-designed typeface to boot.

Good Liquorworks is pleased to announce the launch of its first product: a smooth, unflavored vodka distilled from the fruit byproduct of the coffee trade.

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Working with the Federación Nacionel de Cafeteros, a non-profit that operates on behalf of Colombia's coffee-growers, Good Liquorworks established a new, scalable supply chain by which to source, process, and import discarded coffee fruit. Distilling this fruit diverts it from typical waste streams and provides additional income to farmers, bolstering their harvest earnings. The implications of this new method are substantial. An analysis by the Dutch firm EcoChain found that every bottle of Good Vodka diverts 15.76 kilograms of co2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of a gasoline-powered car driving 40 miles.Furthermore, Good Vodka uses only 1 percent of the water that a typical corn-based vodka would require for crop irrigation.

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After five years of research and development, Good Vodka will be rolling out this fall in select bars and liquor stores in New York and California. It is distilled and bottled in Burdett, NY, in collaboration with Finger Lakes Distillery. With a suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 750ml bottle, Good Vodka is an affordable option for discerning drinkers unwilling to sacrifice either quality or eco-consciousness at the cocktail bar.

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Its pack was designed by Stranger & Stranger, the industry-leading design firm for wine and spirits producers. Stranger & Stranger sought to place the brand's values front-and-center, using a pared-down aesthetic and a custom-designed typeface to frame its purpose statement. Every bottle also includes the vodka's harvest season, country, and region of origin, in a simple band around the neck. A natural wood cork adorns the top, while the brand's mantra—Never Waste Good Vodka—is embossed at the heel.

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