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AJOTO: This Pen's Cork Packaging Is Functional And Sleek

by Shawn Binder on 10/15/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Your desk essentials just got a whole lot more sustainable thanks to AJOTO,  a sleek pen packaged in a cork container. The sleek, embossed white paper encasing the container is a design Apple would be proud of. Featuring an embossed pen shape with a pull-away sleeve, the cork inside stands out in stark contrast.

The straight-forward and utilitarian design of the AJOTO pen makes it the perfect gift for any writer or business person who cares about the planet. We'll take five! 

Over the years, we have listened to the feedback of our customers that have challenged us to take our ideas further. This feedback pushed us to make our packaging even more practical and engaging.

Our approach was to combine sustainable materials and processes with thoughtful design to create beautiful-yet-practical pieces of packaging. Overall, we were striving for a design that had an amazing opening experience.

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Cork is a natural, rapidly renewable material that is biodegradable and recyclable. It is light, anti-bacterial and very resilient. All these attributes make cork the perfect material for protecting your pen during the transit. We wanted to make the cork more than a box and make it something you’d want to keep and use. So by introducing additional elements into the mold the box can be turned over once opened to form a Pen rest. A functional piece that would sit beautifully on any desk or table.

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For all of the other elements, we focused our attention on paper and print. We indulged in the world of letterpress and blind embossing. We have created a packaging that brings together precision and craft in equal measures. It’s a simple step, but the combination of smooth light grey paper stock and crisp black letterpress is a timeless combination that looks incredible.

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To ensure that your tools meet the highest standards of quality, AJOTO hand-assemble and check every piece in their UK-studio before it can begin it's journey to you.

ABOUT AJOTO: AJOTO was founded in 2011 with a clear vision; to create the ultimate collection of timeless tools for your journey, which combines the precision of advanced manufacture with the soul of craft Every piece in AJOTO collection tells an incredible story that celebrates the people, places and processes involved in its creation. This is why AJOTO only partner with the best factories across the UK and Europe to produce each component.

  • Instagram: @ajoto
  • Creative Director: Christopher Holden
  • Designers: Christopher Holden and Marta Verdes-Montenegro


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