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Cinnamon Coca-Cola & Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite Are Here For Your Basic Autumn & Winter Needs

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/19/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Fall and winter are marked not only by a change in the weather or landscape but also in special treats celebrating the multitude of holidays (from Halloween to New Year’s Day). Usually, these treats are sweet and full of spices, providing a warm respite from the chilly weather.

Coca-cola, already a Christmas-season fixture thanks to their polar bear ad campaigns, is stepping up their seasonal offerings with two limited-edition sodas, a cinnamon-infused cola and a cranberry spiced Sprite. The former has been previously available in the U.K. as a calorie-free Coke Zero Cinnamon, and Sprite has released cranberry versions of Sprite in the past, but this year’s Cranberry Spiced is a new variant of the carbonated drink.

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The Cinnamon Coca-Cola’s can design is slightly altered with the addition of cinnamon sticks under the iconic wordmark along with a darker, warmer red at the top of the can with the inclusion of the word “cinnamon.”

The Sprite can is less subtle and more festive, with the inclusion of poinsettia leaves, berries and a tear-away top third in red with silver snowflakes and darker red ornaments.

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Coca-Cola, along with other soda makers have been diversifying their drinks portfolio lately, in response to a shift in consumer preferences towards seltzers and sparkling waters, but appear to be taking a break for the holidays.

Spiced soda isn’t an entirely new concept. In 2004, Pepsi released “Pepsi Holiday Spice,” a cola with a strong herbal and spicy kick which gained a cult following, but not enough for Pepsi to continue offering it, although they did release a softened “Christmas Pepsi” in 2008.

Both sodas hit shelves this September and will be available through New Year’s or while supplies last.

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