Nike Will Turn Your Children Into Zombie Sneakerheads With Subscription Service

by Shawn Binder on 08/13/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Between racing the children between school, soccer practice and music lessons, finding the time to make it to the mall or a shoe store is a daunting task for busy parents everywhere. 

Nike is looking to change that with its new subscription service launching—Nike Adventure. In a collaboration between the shoe juggernaut and KaBoom, a national nonprofit focused on allowing kids of all backgrounds to play, the Nike Adventure Boxes come customized with each child’s name. The two companies will work together to create content and activities, filling the box with things like stickers and booklets with additional ideas for outdoor activities.

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Instead of rushing around to make sure your children are in the chicest fashions, Nike is offering a solution. The subscription service will cost a flat rate, between $50-$60 depending on how frequent you would like to receive shoes; also included will be the option to skip months on your subscription when your child is all stocked up on kicks. Although the price-point makes Nike Adventure Club a high-end subscription service, given the retail value of Nike shoes ranges between $40-$100, the service may end up being a bargain for families. Children can also dictate what sort of shoes they would like to be sent, from active joggers to every day sneakers. 

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The packaging design of Nike Adventure Club maintains Nike’s motivational branding while introducing a youthful playfulness into the design with its black and white doodle drawings you’d find on any child’s notebook in math class, perfect for coloring in. The sides feature ‘Nike Adventure Club’ in a capitalized handwritten font, with a flag reminiscent of touch football on the quad. The orange utilized on the sides of the box shows that Nike understands its core demographic is here for the cool kicks, but also a pretty good time. 

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Of course, a subscription service for shoes brings into question the sustainability of the endeavor. Making shoes is a high-resource production, one that utilizes a large amount of plastic and leaves behind quite the massive carbon footprint. Nike is looking to combat this by asking subscribers to send back old shoes in the box when they no longer want them-if they’re in good shape, they get donated to a non-profit, but if they’re unusable, they get recycled. Since most people don’t think to recycle their shoes, a considerable amount ends up in landfills. 

With Nike Adventure Club on the horizon, sneakerhead children have a whole lot to look forward to. 


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