Neenah Gets A Fresh Rebrand From Design Army

by Shawn Binder on 07/29/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Where will your ideas lead?

That's the driving question asking designers to consider where their raw materials can take them.

It's also the tagline for Neenah’s rebrand produced in collaboration with Pum Lefebure, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Design Army. This sleek and bold redesign changes the conversation around Neenah, Inc., taking it from a “paper and packaging company” to the reality of what the brand is today-a solutions partner.

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The campaign rolled out was the result of strikingly bold decisions from Design Army and a back-to-basics approach from Neenah. The conversation around taglines was lengthy, but ultimately, the final choice highlighted the limitless possibilities Neenah can offer.

Showing raw paper materials in their new ad campaign was a goal that Neenah and Design Army set early on during their initial discussions. In the digital age, brands seek to focus on social media, ad spend, and flashy influencer marketing, but what companies often forget are the tangible ways people still experience a brand in the wild. Here, the campaign highlights the diversity and vibrancy of Neenah’s papers. Plus, it positions them not just as a paper company bound by restrictions or limitations around color schemes or aesthetic.

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And that's precisely what Design Army did for Neenah-they changed the conversation from just paper. “With Neenah, we’re a solution to how people experience their brand across the globe by maintaining quality and consistency,” says Lefebure.

And where does Neenah hope ideas lead designers and brands?

They want them to think more about paper as a viable solution to a global plastic problem. "Neenah’s strategy of rebranding paper from the substrate for print projects to a new solution is on target with the times," she says. "As the world works to reduce its carbon footprint, eliminate single-use plastics, and challenge brands to advance their sustainable practices, consumers and brand owners alike are seeking innovative solutions. From paper-based display graphics and paper gift cards to plastic-free packaging, paper is quickly getting recognized as the preferable business solution."

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While most people might think paper is the material of yesterday, Neenah wants to disrupt that line of thinking.

“We’re living in an age where plastic is taking over our oceans,” says Lefebure “but paper is this incredible material that you can turn into a bunch of different items! People don’t realize how varied paper products can be. If you want to drink with a straw in New York City, plastic has been outlawed, so suddenly you find paper straws are back and have become this incredible, trendy thing.”

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With more and more companies looking to lower their carbon footprint and get on board with eco-trends, paper is becoming a more viable solution. That is where Neenah hopes to step in; by offering a bespoke eco-solution.

Previously, Neenah had marketed its offerings separately: Neenah Paper, Neenah Packaging, and Neenah Wide Format; with the redesign, all three elements will be brought under the same umbrella of Neenah.

“With the continued success of each of our separate product areas, we began to realize that by bringing our resources, products, services, brands, and history together, as one Neenah, we could more effectively shift our focus towards holistic solutions,” said Mark Sng, senior director of marketing at Neenah.

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Previously, designers and brands alike looked to Neenah for polished branding materials. With this redesign, the hope is that they'll see the potential Neenah offers for not only collaboration but more consequential ideas. Sure, Neenah could talk about their various capabilities, color options and quality, but what they want to position themselves as a one-stop solution to keeping your brand consistent, beautiful, and environmentally sound.

With more and more brands becoming aware of how single-plastic use is detrimental to the environment and making strides to shift their business practices, let's hope more turn to Neenah to help guide not only creativity but their sustainability initiatives as well.Go here to learn more about Neenah Paper!

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