Announcing Dieline Awards 2019 Third Place Winners

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/08/2019 | 11 Minute Read

Dieline Awards began as a way to formally recognize the absolute best in consumer product packaging design worldwide, bringing awareness to the immense value that lies in well-designed brand packaging. Now in its 9th year, it has become the standard which brand owners, consumers, and designers turn to for the best packaging design in the world.

Since its inception, Dieline Awards has handed out a grand total of 397 coveted trophies. While this may sound like a lot, the competition is truly the most competitive in the industry. This year alone, Dieline Awards received nearly 1500 entries from over 20 countries around the world, and only 94 received an award. 

Here are this year's Third Place Award Winners.

(You can find our Top Winners here, First Place Winners here, and our Second Place Winners here.)


Third Place: QISHAN Longevity Noodles

cc-zendesign brand studio - China

Artboard 1 copy 17.png

The QISHAN Longevity Noodles brand originates from the idea of making simple pasta fresh, interesting, healthy, and characteristic. Eating Longevity Noodles is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, and is often treated as a good wish for the future. We reset the identity and brand culture by taking the concept of “lasting” and “longevity” as the key elements of our design.

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Fresh Food

Third Place: Tesco Finest Fish

Jones Knowles Ritchie - United Kingdom

Artboard 1 copy 20.png

Peeling back the years, we struck silver: the colour that had once stood as Tesco Finest’s beacon of assured quality. It was capable of cutting through the noise of the category and created an eye-catching brand block on shelf.

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Third Place: Liberté Organics

Stand MTL - Canada

Artboard 1 copy 29.png

The design platform is simple and timeless. It is anchored by a simple central circle that places the brand at the heart of the design and gives a clear, highly visible and very simple element that will help customers see and find our products in what has become an overly stimulating environment for most people. 

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Ready To Eat

Third Place: Bergen

Depot - Russian Federation

Artboard 1 copy 26.png

Bergen restaurant cooks the meals with prime Norwegian shrimps at the trendy food courts in Moscow. We have developed a unique brand identity using the geographic coordinates symbols. The packaging design idea was based on the identity. 

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Oils and Sauces

Third Place: Butter Bike Co.

Buddy - United Kingdom

Artboard 1 copy 23.png

Butter Bike Co is an Exeter-based one-woman peanut butter production line and delivery service, on two wheels. Jeni Reeve set out in 2017, making delicious, homemade peanut butter and delivering to customers locally, under pedal power.

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Third Place: Real Handful

Midday Studio - United Kingdom

Artboard 1 copy 32.png

Based on the strong rebellious brand name and innovative products (including all-natural Blueberry-infused raisins) we created a new direction for the brand which was encapsulated in our ‘Unruly Flavour’ design essence. This essence now informs the brand’s visual language across all touch points.  

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Savory Snacks

Third Place: Skuta: The Ultimate Pumpkin Seeds

Dossier - Canada

Artboard 1 copy 41.png

We developed a strategy and coined a name that captures the playful spirit of the brand. Skuta, from the First Nations Algonquin word for pumpkin and squash, pays homage to the plant’s origins in North America. Using the strategy as a springboard, we created an engaging brand identity and packaging program with a vibrant colour palette and bold design elements.

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Third Place: Rambler Sparkling Water

Guerilla Suit - United States

Artboard 1 copy 44.png

Rambler is inspired by the crystal clear pools, rivers, and watering holes that make the Texas landscape so precious and memorable. With the can design, we endeavored to create an innovative brand representative of a product line that is healthy, refreshing, and flavorful for a wide variety of audiences in Texas and beyond.

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Soft Drinks

Third Place: Coconut Milk by Grinning Face

Leo Burnett Design, Toronto - Canada

Artboard 1 copy 35.png

Grinning Face Coconut Milk is fresh pressed and has only two ingredients: coconut and water, it separates and needs a good shake. We embraced this in our design, using jumbled letters to educate and encourage the consumer to shake it. The simple, white-on-white colour palette reflects the brand’s minimal approach to ingredients.

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Third Place: Terra Incognita

Semiotik - Greece

Artboard 1 copy 38.png

Terra Incognita, based on centuries of know–how and multi–generational experience chose herbs produced by the Greek land to create drastic blends aiming to improve the physical, mental and spiritual well–being of people. The concept of transparency of content was the main component in our creative process. An unexpected approach to the beverage industry guided our thinking to an unexpected set of packaging and containers, that reflect the company’s position.

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Third Place: Drav

Wedge - Canada

Artboard 1 copy 47.png

Drav is a brand new beer brand for the young and free. Wedge was tasked by Drav's founders to create and launch an unmistakable modern icon for today's generation. One that believes pink belongs to anyone. We studied codes of the category to create a strong, highly graphic badge, rigid information system, and distinct colourway.

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Wine and Champagne

Third Place: Wines of Transylvania

Nju:comunicazione - Italy

Artboard 1 copy 50.png

From the study of the traditions of this land full of stories and legends, we came to something that caught our attention: the traditional dresses full of happiness and colours that the Romanian people wear even today, during the ancient festivity, on February 24, when the Field God of Love and Fertility is celebrated. 

Case Study


Third Place: Mocktail Club

Design Army - United States

Artboard 1 copy 53.png

Mumtails, the maker of a craft non-alcoholic cocktail, approached us to rebrand their premium product line, The Mocktail Club. Our goal was to expand the client’s audience beyond a “social” drink for pregnant women to a general audience seeking healthier options when socializing. The challenge was to rebrand and design packaging that expressed the flavorful, healthy nature of the product that can be enjoyed by everyone?, at any time.

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Clear Spirits

Third Place: 44°N by Comte de Grasse

forceMAJEURE Design - United States

Artboard 1 copy 56.png

Comte de Grasse is a groundbreaking new luxury spirits distillery, born from the town of Grasse, the heart and soul of French perfumery. The new-to-world brand nourishes its visionary essence from the terroir, raw materials and advanced state-of-art in distillation techniques concentrated in Grasse, while remaining true to its aesthetics inspired by the light and vibrations of the South of France and the magic of the Mediterranean coast.

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Dark Spirits

Third Place: Palo Túnel

Si­mil - United Kingdom

Artboard 1 copy 65.png

Our solution is an ornamental label that celebrates the origins of the brand whilst maintaining its heritage. Nineteenth-century graphics are balanced with a contemporary colour palette to produce an iconic, modern bottle for an extraordinary aperitivo.

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Third Place: Canndescent Stylus Vape

Canndescent - United States

Artboard 1 copy 62.png

Designed for those seeking to unlock the moment, Stylus transforms the rechargeable vape battery into a timeless and groundbreaking accessory. When paired with Canndescent’s ultra-premium oil cartridges that use natural terpenes and no artificial additives, Stylus delivers our five signature effects and optimizes each for the perfect temperature setting. Choose your effect. Pick your temperature. It’s time to write your story.

Case Study

Personal Care

Third Place: Butch

Confetti Studio - Australia

Artboard 1 copy 59.png

Made of sturdy, durable and 100% recyclable tin, each Butch Tin is designed to survive the odd bump and grind. Precious cargo made to carry precious cargo – no need to handle with care. Not ones to play hard to get, we made sure the tin’s custom lid had a snug fit but with a flick of the wrist, was quick and easy to get off.

Case Study

Health Care

Third Place: Metis

Midday - United Kingdom

Artboard 1 copy 68.png

We set out to break the sterile and functional supplement category norms, instead creating a luxury lifestyle brand. Within this category it’s common place to see a high-price point due to the quality of the ingredients used, however, the category is typically visually sterile and functional, almost exclusively made-up of white plastic bottles. For this reason, we have created a brand and unique packaging structure that better reflects the premium-ness of the product.

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Third Place: Beautyblender Bounce Foundation

Aruliden - United States

Artboard 1 copy 17.png

With their iconic makeup sponge, Beautyblender revolutionized how foundation gets applied. Next, we helped Beautyblender rethink foundation itself, with an industry-first package that’s built for blending. The profile of Beautyblender’s sponge provided inspiration for an ownable form language that extends across primary and secondary cosmetic packaging.

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Third Place: Colorwrap

MARU - Japan

Artboard 1 copy 20.png

Colored plastic wrap was made as a food-packaging household utensil. With our concept of “wrapping a table with a lot of love and humor”, we intended to express “tips on the way to use” and “coloring our lives” by adopting Barbapapa as a symbolic character. The logotype to be placed in front of the package is big enough to increase the presence and credibility of the product, and also designed to aim for being loved by many families.

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Games and Sports

Third Place: Kings Wild Tigers Playing Cards

Kings Wild Project Inc. - United States

Artboard 1 copy 29.png

This project is an artistic study and creation, in the form of playing cards, that pays homage to the beautiful world of matchbook printing of the late 1800s & early 1900s.

Case Study

Technology and Self-Promotion

Third Place: Xbox Adaptive Controller Packaging

Microsoft - United States

Artboard 1 copy 26.png

With the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we aimed to do something new and different in the packaging space and push the boundaries beyond what has been done before at Microsoft. We had to ask ourselves, “What does this packaging need to do?” That’s where we began re-approaching our assumptions on what accessible packaging needed to be. There’s lots that can be done in the ‘accessibility’ packaging space, but for this job, we were focused on making the packaging more accessible in the area of mobility, specifically.

Case Study

Private Label

Third Place: Joule Ready Sous Vide Starter Sauces

ChefSteps, Inc. - United States

Artboard 1 copy 23.png

Packaging Joule Ready was no less an innovation than the work involved in imagining and formulating the sauces contained within. Our goal was to be able to bring a new sauce to market in less than four weeks, consistently—something we’re not sure anyone else has attempted. To support that, we had to create a packaging design system that could rapidly iterate on many sauces, quickly and cheaply.

Case Study


Third Place: Engagement Ring Box: Grown With Love, Lab Grown Diamonds

Richline Creative - United States

Artboard 1 copy 32.png

The packaging experience represents a vision for the future, the choice to carve out a new and alternative path. Designed specifically with the proposal in mind, rounded edges and low profile for discretion, distinctive side open reveal, the sustainably-sourced box echoes the values and sentiments of today’s new consumer.

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Limited Edition

Third Place: Luxerose Cocktails

Onfire Design Ltd - New Zealand

Artboard 1 copy 41.png

Packaging the cocktails was an essential part of the project, in conjunction with the client we created a unique set of 3 glass vials which, when chilled, could easily be dispensed at home or in bars. These were contained within a presentation case decorated with a modern, colourful abstract botanical illustration showing various flora and fauna from New Zealand.

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Third Place: Flyt Seaweed

KIND (Kind Conceptual Branding) - Norway

Artboard 1 copy 35.png

Kind has developed the name and complete branding for Flyt Seaweed, based on Austevoll, Norway. Flyt creates gourmet Norwegian seaweed products of the finest quality, all sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested.

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Third Place: The Porter Line 

W&P - United States

Artboard 1 copy 38.png

It's our belief that objects must be both functional and aesthetically appealing in order to earn a place in customers' day-to-day life. That's why—when developing the Porter Bowl, the Porter Bottle, the Porter Mug and the Porter Glass—our process began with eliminating common issues that prevent individuals from choosing healthy, wholesome food and drink over takeout meals.

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Third Place: CosRx Skin Care

Carson Chang - United States

Artboard 1 copy 47.png

Inspired by medical graphics, the visual language showcases linework and typography and incorporates simple solid colors to denote the product type and function. Cos-Rx is distributed through online and third-party sellers such as Urban Outfitters, Ulta Beauty, Soko Glam, and more.

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