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The 9 Best Brands We Saw At Expo West 2019

by Fred Hart on 03/13/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Last week, we walked the worlds largest tradeshow treadmill, also known as Expo West. This is the Superbowl of the natural and organic food industry, with some 85,000 folks in attendance and thousands of brands for four days of delicious designs and samples galore.

While we can’t highlight everything, we’ve curated some of the standouts, be it a new look or a fresh brand just entering the market. So grab your avocado oil popcorn with a hint of Himalayan salt and let the cravings begin.

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Three Trees 

They say art mimics life, and life is nature. This crisp, confident and concise design refresh starts with a distinct new bottle shape for this line of nut and seed milk. The graphics are anchored by a beautiful new brand identity, illustrated with fun and flavorful icons. Three thumbs up.

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Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon’s brand refresh takes inspiration from the great outdoors and iconic Flatirons front range. The chips take after the iconic mountains—bold, crunchy and all-natural—just like mother nature.

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Nature’s Bakery

If nature doesn’t make you smile, nothing will. Nature’s Bakery wholesome and friendly refresh offer consumers a product they can feel good about eating—just don’t gobble up the packaging.

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Better Booch

Kombucha design is often mystic, detailed and heady. It may even remind you of your sister's fermentation stage where she grew SCOBYs in a basement that reeked of patchouli and incense. Better Booch offers something better, a clean and concise look that has just enough personality to get you feeling good.

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Competition in the sparkling water category is bursting at the seams, and Nixie intends to make a literal splash - look no further than their wordmark. It's flavor in full-color, without calories or sacrifice.

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Second Line

It’s time to get in line and join the snack parade, as Second Line brings the flair and excitement of New Orleans to plant-based puff snacking. The brand harnesses the city's iconic crescent purple along with vibrant colors and the quintessential imagery of the city, all while bringing the party to you one bag at a time.

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Off The Grid!

These aren’t your kid brother’s Eggos.

Off the Grid's waffles with whimsy creates a killer combo that breathes life into an all too often monotonous and stagnant frozen food aisle. Inspired by the great outdoors, they bring nutrition and power to the great indoors. 

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Who doesn’t love nature’s sweetest superfruit? Joolies fresh new look brings in the Cali-vibes of turquoise, mixed with pinks, yellows and reds and a splash of brown. The interplay of clouds and product window give it a lighthearted feel that lets you know you’re tasting the good life.

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Deep Foods

Deep Foods redesigned its Tandoor Chef line to communicate their authentic, Indian roots while representing the flavors of the country. Anchored by powerful archways, the packaging highlights the product photography and makes you realize it's time to skip the buffet and head straight for the freezer.