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The Latin Baby

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/06/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Created by two Miami moms who wanted to avoid raising picky eaters and bring the nutrition benefits of latin fruits and veggies to the US, the Latin Baby introduces dynamic flavors to babies at an early age to diversify their palates. To bring their new product line to market, these momtrepreneurs needed a brand as bold as their flavors.  

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"SMAKK was faced with the challenge of not only introducing an entirely new product category to the baby foodmarket, but also featuring fruits and veggies new to American moms. Our team began with competitive research and analysis, designing a differentiated visual strategy to capitalize on market opportunities."

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"Through bold illustrations and packaging, we brought to life complex flavors, like cumin and West Indian pumpkin, and made an impactful shelf presence for this new HPP product in the refrigerator case. With attention grabbing colors and geometric patterns, the Latin Baby is a stand out on the shelves."

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Creative Director: Katie Klencheski

Designer: Brooke Qualman

Designed by SMAKK Studios

Client: The Latin Baby

Country: United States

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