by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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For those who have a sweet tooth, this is for you. Sweet, sugary, cakey delights are packaged in the prettiest boxes ready to gift to someone. Designed by SOCIETAT DE DISSENY, a colorway of pastels gives the brand a fresh spring look, complementing the delicate watercolor illustrations that blossom off the packaging. Copy is kept to a minimium not to overcrowd the design, as the "LA MENORQUINA" logo made visible on the right hand corner. 

"We commissioned the branding project for "la Menorquina", starting a clear premise, return to the origin of the brand, both sense in meaning, Menorquina is a brand founded in 1940 in Alaior, Menorca, and it is dedicated to the traditional production refrigerator evolving for years to become a benchmark in the sector. His image had become somewhat diffuse and not very recognizable brand becoming an aesthetic that departed from the traditional style and quality, two concepts that wanted to strengthen again."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

The project is planned as a redesign of the previous logo, redesigns part and full typographic structure of the logo, giving a better reading a whole, as to simplify the overall graph elements visual to stay with the basics, origin and treatment add texture buffer to emphasize on the traditional. Chromatically we seek inspiration in the geographical origin of the brand: Menorca, the sunset, the sea, the island ... are our references from the which got a subtle, elegant and very cool range. 

Editorial photograph

The sea is very present throughout the picture with the blue stripe marking the horizon, a benchmark for graphic elements of the mark, as in the packaging where the flora surrounding the island (marine watercolors) acquires role and defines the different product lines. The end result is a relaunch of the brand image, putting her in first line while looking at its origins, based on a straightforward design, subtle and delicate at once. 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph


Country: Spain

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