A-100 Burger Delivery

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/17/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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A-100 sells carefully crafted burgers, delivered right to your door. In order to become a top choice for home delivery, they turned to Savvy Pirate Communication for branding and packaging that would bring the consumer closer to the process of making the burger. Food arrives in cardboard boxes with specialized stamps on them that have a more industrialized look. The approach is simple and straightforward without excess graphics or text, making it feel precise while only including the essential information.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“A-100 is a specialized burger delivery restaurant located in Lisbon, Portugal. The branding proposal was inspired from industrial places such as factories, once the goal was to maximize its real differentiating element, the Home Delivery. The name itself comes thence, A-100, which is the codename used for the meat.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Our branding proposal strengthens the idea of the delivery, as you can see through the application of stamps, stickers and involvement of all the iconic postal universe which is connected in all the developed work. The utilization of the chosen materials were very important to keep the traditional and crafted idea of burguer production. Its color palette is allusive to the quality of the A-100 meat. All this project is aimed to enable the consumer to experience the service of receiving a burger at home as if it was an order from the factory.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Savvy Pirate Communication

Country: Portugal

City: Lisbon


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