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Lotus Ultrasonic Scalpels

by Richard Baird on 02/15/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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Branding and packaging by MyttonWilliams for Lotus Ultrasonic Scalpels.




"Lotus have a world beating product - the world’s only torsional ultrasonic scalpel for use in keyhole surgery. They needed a brand that would position them effectively in a market dominated by multinational competitors.

With a unique product, Lotus had the foundation for building a significant brand in their market. Our strategy was always going to be centered on challenging in a market populated by multinationals with vast marketing resources. Lotus approached us with the idea of using brand to support the technology and ultimately support their drive into new territories.

We interviewed their team – including sales executives, partners and engineers – there were clear advantages to their ground breaking technology and of course the emotive elements are never far away so the passion and pride also needed to come across.  ??The new branding leads with a strong graphic pattern based on the technology that makes Lotus different, namely the way the scalpel produces energy. This pattern gave the identity distinctiveness but also allowed us to produce a total of 32 different boxes that were instantly recognizable from each other - crucial when medical staff (who can’t leave theatre), need to send someone to fetch them.

We created an identity to stand up visually against competitors, communicated the product and was in-line with the message of efficiency. The identity is simple and strong, referencing the 'L' of Lotus and the jaws of the scalpel. The logo is able to work on a large scale as well as being reducible to the tip of a scalpel – visible to an audience commonly watching operations on screen.

Since the launch of the new brand, Lotus has entered 5 more European markets having been approached by distributors. They believe the brand has supported this drive and has given confidence both internally and externally in their status as a professional and innovative technology business."

Designed by MyttonWilliams, UK

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph