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Jin Patisserie

by Yael Miller on 12/04/2008 | 2 Minute Read

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About Jin Patisserie: "Kristy Choo, proprietor of Jin Patisserie, learned about food while growing up around her mother’s food mart in Singapore.  However, it wasn’t until she was traveling regularly to Japan as a flight attendant that she learned to appreciate the concept of cuisine. Hoping to explore the ways in which food offers life enhancement (in addition to mere sustenance), Kristy left career and continent behind to attend San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy. There she discovered that her creative passions emerged in the oeuvre of patisserie…and cakes and chocolates became her primary medium of expression."

You can get a feel for Kristy's heritage from the refined Asian styling of the branding and packaging. The distinctive, yet gentle combination of honeydew-green and peach is unique among chocolate/confectionery brands. The spare graphics and simple packaging shapes work very well. Double-wrapped ribbon sealed with a small label further reinforces the Asian look.

Overall, this collection is a great example of the principle of 'less is more' to convey luxury. Just mixing up the color palette and using minimal embellishments is all that was needed to make this collection distinctive and memorable.

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