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Tusca's Painterly Wrappers Turn an Italian Delicacy Into Fine Art

by Sarah Fonder on 04/02/2024 | 2 Minute Read

A really nice dessert is always great on its own, but it's always better if it comes with breathtaking visuals, like the freaky psychedelic wrappers for New Zealand panforte brand Tusca. This Italian delicacy is kind of like a thick, spiced fruitcake, usually filled with chunks of nuts, bits of fruit, chocolate, or marzipan.

Tusca's design is a beautiful setup for the experience of eating one with abstract, painterly swirls straight out of a Jackson Pollock piece. Different earthy palettes show up for each flavor, and they almost feel like an invitation to consider how the panforte inside might taste. Hues of red and purple swirl through the Fig & Hazelnut wrapper, while beige bubbles up between red and green streaks for Marzipan. The logo is a robust, angular serif, while the rest of the text steps back with clean, sophisticated sans serif.


Tusca specialises in Italian-inspired fine treats that honour traditional Italian styles and flavours, whilst drawing inspiration from the rich food-scape in New Zealand.

With a focus on artisanal, sophisticated, and quality products, the Tusca packaging needed to reflect these values, and also provide a unique opening experience. This was achieved via an efficient no glue folding system that wraps the product snugly and beautifully.

The hero of the design are the uniquely handmade marbled paper, used in various colours and styles as a nod to traditional Italian crafts. The swirly, fluid textures represent the wealth of the spices and special ingredients that make out the different recipes. These rich patterns also resemble the panforte cakes when they are cut to serve, showing a rich mix of almonds, figs and dried fruit.

Once opened, the interior illustrations mimic a round platter. This was the perfect spot for serving suggestions and tips on how to pair each product with the perfect beverage and other products.

The product range has a striking impact on shelf and provides the Tusca brand a strong presence in specialty food shops, luxury delicatessens and department stores. It has transformed panforte into a overly traditional product into a fresh, fun and modern gift to the shared when entertaining friends of all ages.

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