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Throw Your Coffee a Bone with This Stylish High-Protein Drink Mix

by Sarah Fonder on 02/19/2024 | 2 Minute Read

So the vegans aren't gonna love this, but a huge amount of science emphasizes substantial benefits to regular consumption of bone broth! With its touted ability to help with gut health, immunity, inflammation, mood, and more important everyday functions, maybe the secret to chicken soup's nourishment has just been good bones all along.

How the hell else do you get bone broth in your diet though? I would say "beats me," but the geniuses at Beck's Broth asked: why not put it in coffee? They make a protein-rich drink mix for your daily caffeine intake as well as a hot chocolate, great for kids or cozy snow days. Wonderkind gave this smart product an endearing bovine design with the chunky, youthful serif of a '70s cereal commercial and a sweet cow curled up in the corner.

Beck Broth_Nov 2023_Shot 3.jpg

Decadent coffee and creamy hot chocolate paired with organic, pasture raised bone broth create a nourishing high protein treat. We created a look and feel to reflect the cozy and delicious nature of the brand, as well as highlight the addition of bone broth which sets them apart from your typical drink mix. The logo is funky, approachable and soft— with a flow that almost mimics the movement of liquid. We incorporated playful elements such as the cow and cow print to highlight the bone broth addition in a fun and eye-catching way. The color palette balances rich, delicious browns with light and airy notes to highlight each sku.

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