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Sunday Gravy’s Got a New Look: Pomi Announces Unified Global Brand Identity

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/24/2024 | 2 Minute Read

Founded in 1982, Pomì has provided consumers with 100% Italian sauced, chopped, strained, juiced, and pureed tomatoes.

Recently, the tomato pedlar underwent a comprehensive brand refresh, enlisting the creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi (Publicis Groupe) based in Italy to rework the global pack redesign. The new look is bolder, retaining its signature tomato red and white color palette while contemporizing the visual identity and packaging to attract the latest generation of consumers needing ingredients for some decent gravy. Additionally, the packaging refresh has been adapted with details crafted to the countries where the products get distributed. The US packaging adaptation comes from New York City-based creative studio QNY.

The new wordmark is flattened, the drop shadows are removed, and the accent over “ì” is changed from green to white. A new, wider serif is deployed and given a uniform width to make it stronger and bolder.


The background on cartons and packaging also gets pared down, removing the farm background and replacing it with the rich, tomato-red hue. Product in a white bold takes center stage, with a large, ripe tomato just behind it. Additional graphics, such as “Made in Italy,” non-GMO badges, and a tri-color accent, are also placed on the front of the cartons.

Pomì also announced “eco-friendly” changes to its packaging, such as sugarcane-based caps for its Tetra packs.


“Following the successful launch of Pomì's new visual identity in Italy and Europe in 2023, we feel it's the right moment to bring a unified identity for Pomì to provide a consistent consumer experience worldwide, attract a younger audience, and engage them in our commitment to a sustainable future,” said Fabrizio Fichera, global director of marketing and business development for Pomì, in a press release. “The redesign projects strength, youthfulness, and clarity, ensuring Pomì cuts through the noise as an iconic Italian tomato brand.”

Pomì’s brand refresh will roll out in the US this year.

Images courtesy of Pomi.