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Beaky Brings A Sense Of Joy To Daily Rituals

by Chloe Gordon on 04/10/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Beaky is a conceptual brand designed by Nikita Gavrilov that beautifully reimagines bath time. The soap's nozzle is envisioned as a duck's beak, while the bottle is shaped to mimic a duck's body. Because a rubber duck is a quintessential part of bath time, the packaging perfectly symbolizes the playfulness of bathtime. At the same time, the clean, clear typography creates a sense of trustworthiness for parents.


Every child loves to play in the water, especially in the bathtub. But water procedures are often a big problem for parents. Beaky is a baby bathing products which are designed to make the daily ritual more interesting and entertaining for children. Beaky will be the perfect bathing companion for the little ones.

With the help of the duckling pack, children can easily hold shampoos and shower gels in their hands and play with the duckling that floats in the tub. A lot of bright colors and a funny design attract attention and create a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.