Featured image for Pizza Hut Brings Back Its Playable Hoop Packaging From The 90s

Pizza Hut Brings Back Its Playable Hoop Packaging From The 90s

by Chloe Gordon on 03/09/2023 | 1 Minute Read

March Madness and all its insanity is right around the corner. And, if you're not actively playing in the tournament, you're likely taking in all of the action from the comfort of your couch while filling out a bracket. No judgments; I'll be right there with you, pizza in hand. 

This year, Pizza Hut has again tapped into this couch comfort truth, replacing armchair activists with armchair activities, and is returning its hoop packaging and mini basketballs from the 1990s. A cutout on the box lid allows the pizza-eating basketball fans to transform their pizza box into a hoop and backboard.


The limited-edition mini basketballs are decked out in red and black with copy stating the brand's slogan, "No One Out Pizzas The Hut." Likewise, the pizza box gets splashed with similar copy with the hoop board, stating "The Official Pizza of March Madness." 

The special edition March Madness box will be available to fans beginning March 14, the first day of the March Madness tournament.