Featured image for Conceptual Brand Cacao Ceremony Responds To The Urge Of Connection

Conceptual Brand Cacao Ceremony Responds To The Urge Of Connection

by Chloe Gordon on 03/31/2023 | 3 Minute Read

WIN Creating Images crafted the mythological design for the conceptual brand Cacao Ceremony. While the rectangular glass bottle already makes an immediate impact, the beautifully illustrated and embossed label continues the stunning design. The 60s-inspired typography style plays into the product's psychedelics, while the dainty illustrations make the packaging more luxurious.


Products that have a deeper meaning are booming. Cacao Ceremony is one of our creative cases that shows what happens when brands get involved with the supernatural – and become much more than just a product.

The design of the Cacao Ceremony blends mythological design elements with a tarot card aesthetic. In combination with the ancient pharmacy bottle shape and the 60s style-inspired font, Cacao Ceremony promises to take you to faraway places.


At the center of the design sits “The Third Eye”, also called Ajna Chakra in Sanskrit, which is known as “the seat of intuition.” This Chakra– normally just above the eye brows in the middle of the forehead – has been placed in the middle of the bottle and acts as an individual’s center of inner wisdom, self-awareness, higher consciousness, and self-reflection. By opening these associations, Cacao Ceremony responds to the urge of connection that resides within the mindfulness-embracing Gen Z.

With the ceremonial context already in the name, the Cacao ceremony design immediately awakens a longing for tradition and spirituality. The look & feel and naming implies a usage occasion and a feeling rather than just offering information about ingredients or playing taste appeal.

To further suggest the empowering spirit of the Cacao Ceremony, the design embraces the tiger: A Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. While the tiger can teach you to embrace wild curiosity, it also stands for connecting with your inner warrior. Symbolically, the tiger acts as a graphic reminder of overcoming obstacles and fears as well as strengthening creativity while reclaiming your place of power and encouraging to go new ways.


The creative concept draws its inspiration from an international trend: consumers are increasingly drawn to buying from brands that offer realness, connection and authenticity. Cacao Ceremony invites the consumer to an ancient ritual. The ceremonial context opens up a supernatural world where the taste of the cacao is just the start of a powerful experience.

In trends like traditional ceremonies or tarot, it's the appeal that comes from the power of thought which gives designs a special energy. A similar attraction is found in the universe, which emanates a surreal magic that evokes a spectrum of emotions ranging from uncertainty to longing.