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Premium Gourmet Gift Box Gift'd

by Chloe Gordon on 02/09/2023 | 2 Minute Read

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Gift'd is a new sub-brand of Piat?a 9, a food hall market from Oradea (Romania), offering super-premium products and services. Opened in 2018, Piat?a 9 shortly became a unique Romanian food discovery destination, focused on locally sourced ingredients, premium quality meat, and an explosion of tastes, all with the dynamics of a European food market.

In 2022, Pia?a 9 was ready to take up a new challenge and launch a premium gourmet gift box, just in time for Christmas - Gift'd. We were assigned the challenge to create and design the packaging for this new gourmet box, making it compete with the most wanted gift hampers offered by some of the world's largest and most famous department stores.

It was an ongoing, well-synchronized teamwork with the bakers, chocolatiers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Once we received our final list of products for the box, we created custom packaging that had to fit perfectly.

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For Christmas, the gourmet box contained an artisanal homemade panettone, a selection of pralines filled with limoncello and mulled wine, gluten-free saffron and chili crackers, salted caramel fudge, and soft crinkle cookies. All products were handmade in Oradea, with premium ingredients.

Look and feel are very important. Gift'd packaging merges a minimal design that plays with debossed lettering and symbols done in copper accent foil stamping. Like festive lights, the abstract symbols twinkle while the recipient unboxes, instilling a playful joy of discovery.

One very important detail was the outside sleeve. Just like gift wrapping, its purpose was to spark curiosity and anticipatory joy while protecting the box and its contents. We thought of the sleeve as something that can be adapted for different festive moments while changing the color palette and symbols. We chose colors associated with mystery, extravagance, and magic for Christmas, while the abstract symbols spoke more of a winter, festive season. 

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