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Dieline's Best Advent Calendars of 2023

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/20/2023 | 6 Minute Read

The winter holidays are full of customs and traditions that many look forward to yearly. One of these traditions is the advent calendar, because who amongst us doesn't like getting a teeny-tiny gift every 24 days?

For the uninitiated, Advent calendars are traditionally a countdown to Christmas with a new treat, sometimes accompanied by a Bible verse about the baby Jesus. Today, however, advent calendars are less about the story of Jesus’ birth and more about one’s interests. There are now advent calendars from many brands with treats galore, like skin and beauty care products, whiskey, and even pet treats.

Still, there's fun in uncovering a new trinket or skin cream every day as the big gift-giving day approaches. Below are some of the best examples we found this holiday season.


Cult Beauty

Beauty and skincare advent calendars are some of the most popular around. Often, as in the case of Cult Beauty’s calendar this year, it is chock full of different products to try out or favorites from the brand, usually worth more than the price of the advent calendar.

Cult Beauty’s calendar is also beautifully designed in collaboration with artist Gemma O’Brien and artist agency Grand Matter. Blue dominates the intricate front in O’Brien’s signature style that visually delights. The inside continues the ornate, psychedelic look in pink.


Vosges Haute-Chocolate

In honor of its twenty-fifth anniversary, premium chocolatier Vosges has released an advent calendar meant to “ask you to look inside yourself and recognize your inner power.”

The advent calendar is a beautiful recreation of a storefront adorned with festive trappings. The front of the calendar features an elegant set of front doors with gold accents and even includes built-in lights. Inside, of course, are an array of decadent chocolates.

Unfold the Vosges calendar, and one side has all the compartments holding the daily morsel of haute chocolate. The opposite panel features a fantastical depiction of a counter with toadstool chairs and sharply dressed animals.


Bonne et Filou

Our furry companions are part of the home, and we love to spoil them all year, including during the holidays, despite the fact they have no idea what Christmas or Hanukkah is.

Seemingly inspired by snowy Christmases in France, the Boone et Filou advent calendar for dogs covers several panels with watercolors of canines living their best holidays. The inside panels depict several dogs in front of a sizable Christmas tree, and the treats inside include Boone et Filou’s signature macarons for pups, truffles, and other exquisite doggy delicacies. All are FDA-approved, made in the US, and from human-quality ingredients.


Disney100 X Swarovski

In celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, jeweler Swarovski has released an advent calendar inspired by some of the Mouse’s classic characters like Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck, as well as typical holiday symbols like candy canes and snowflakes.

disney100-advent-calendar-2023-swarovski-5655099 (1).avif

Packaged in a premium green octagon, the front of the Swarvoski calendar features Mickey Mouse and opens up to reveal 25 compartments, each holding a crystal ornament.

The shiny, multifaceted Christmas ornaments would look great on any tree, though ironically, they would probably get your cat’s attention more than typical ornaments.


Comapartés Garden Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars were traditionally filled with tiny and tasty snacks like chocolate. Compartés’ garden-themed advent calendar this year is no exception.


Each calendar comes filled with 24 premium chocolate morsels that are almost too pretty to eat. The calendar is also a delight to the eyes, with a garden tour full of flowers, foliage, and brightly plumed birds. This tropical scene won’t warm up your house in the winter but might serve as a brief respite from the dark and cold days of the season.

zodiac-advent-calendar (1).jpg

Avant Zodiac Advent Calendar

This year, skincare brand Avant’s advent calendar didn't find inspiration in winter wonderlands or general holiday revels with family and friends. Instead, Avant uses astrology as the theme for its calendar.

The Avant Zodiac calendar is an elegant gold-on-black design. The front has a circular design filled with triangles bordered by the 12 zodiac signs. On the back, each of the 12 signs is depicted and described. The front opens in two, revealing 12 compartments featuring a different Avant product.


Onyx Coffee Labs

Another elegant advent calendar offered this year is from Onyx Coffee Labs. The dark box with gold line illustrations carries a “Peace on Earth” message on the front.

The Onyx advent calendar features 24 different coffee brews individually packaged and preground.

What stands out is the unique way the Oynx advent calendar opens. Rather than opening like a book, like most advent calendars, Onyx’s version has two main compartments folded together, revealing each of the 24 compartments arching across like an accordion.


A-Sha 12 Days Of Noodles

While some folks would prefer to eat a little chocolate to countdown Jesus’ birthday, others are serious noodle slurpers.

Rather than disappoint the noodle fans, A-Sha has released a 12-day “advent calendar” filled with instant noodles, perfect for cold December days.

It might be a stretch to call A-Sha’s 12 days of noodles an advent calendar, but who cares? It’s instant noodles, so the Taiwanese brand gets a pass for its savory departure. Especially when said box is full of noodle-related illustrations with matching sachets.


IKEA Vinterfint

Furniture maker IKEA is known for its contemporary, affordable, DIY offerings with names in Swedish.

This season, IKEA’s advent calendar “Vinterfint” is inspired by the holidays and the assemble-it-yourself nature of its furnishings.

Every day features a new figure or building that requires some assembly. Each one is placed in the advent calendar, creating a sort of Christmas diorama that gets fuller as Christmas approaches, with a flying Santa serving as a backdrop.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The holiday season inspires many films, from the formulaic, schlocky Hallmark Channel fare to classics like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

This year, Pottery Barn celebrates the tale of the Griswolds trying as best they can to have a traditional Christmas while being set back to a series of pratfalls only slightly exaggerated for comedy but still relatable.

Pottery Barn’s Christmas Vacation advent calendar is a simple, single-panel design depicting the front of the Griswold home and other nods to the film, like cousin Eddie’s tenement on wheels.

Unlike the other advent calendars on this list, this one comes empty, so you might want to save the turkey neck for one of the days.