Featured image for Happy Wolf's Packaging Resonates With Kids And Instills Trust In Adults

Happy Wolf's Packaging Resonates With Kids And Instills Trust In Adults

by Chloe Gordon on 10/02/2023 | 3 Minute Read

Happy Wolf's packaging, crafted by Red Antler, exudes a bold and vibrant design that effortlessly resonates with children while instilling trust in adults. The charming illustrations on each package add a pleasant personality to every flavor, making them instantly relatable to kids. What's truly striking is how the brand's name dominates half of the front of the box, asserting its presence and memorable identity. Jana Goodbaum and Derek Beigleman, the creators of Happy Wolf, set out on a mission to provide school-safe snacks that are both allergy-friendly and packed with organic, whole-food ingredients, free from refined sugars, preservatives, or additives. Their dedication to simplicity and quality shines through in the thoughtfully designed packaging, showcasing their commitment to health-conscious parents with on-the-go kids.

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Happy Wolf, a new brand of wildly simple snacks for kids, is launching with their first line of school-safe snacks: fridge-fresh snack bars. Made with the simplest possible ingredients, these bars are thoughtfully crafted to keep all “hungry wolves” — regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions — satisfied and energized throughout the day. This line of allergy-friendly, organic, no refined sugar bars will be introduced in four delicious flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate Chip, Apple Cinnamon and Choco-Banana.

As the busy mom of 2 hungry toddlers, Jana Goodbaum struggled to find school-safe kids snacks that weren’t ultra-processed or full of unnecessary ingredients. With high ingredient standards and picky palates, she opted to make her kids’ snacks at home. But after too much lost sleep spent meal prepping at midnight, she knew there had to be a better solution for busy, health-conscious parents with on-the-go kids. She enlisted her close friend, and fellow toddler parent, Derek Beigleman, to help her create the products she wished existed at the grocery store. 

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After testing 154 different recipes, the duo landed on what would become their first-ever line of fridge-fresh bars for their new brand, Happy Wolf. These allergy-friendly bars are made with the simplest possible whole-food ingredients, sweetened with only dates and honey. There are no powders, preservatives, refined sugars, additives, artificial or “natural” flavors — only ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen. Their core four flavors are made specifically for the pickiest of kids’ palates:

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  • Strawberry is made with organic, freeze-dried strawberries for a touch of summery sweetness. The fruity flavor pairs perfectly with the base of sunflower seed butter for a clean snack reminiscent of your kid’s favorite PB&J.
  • Chocolate Chip is made with date-sweetened chocolate chips, delivering the rich flavor of a chocolate brownie. Even the most-discerning toddlers will treat this as dessert.
  • Apple Cinnamon is made with real dried apples plus a touch of cinnamon and vanilla extract for a pie-like flavor sure to keep your kiddos howling for more.
  • Choco-Banana is made with real banana puree and cacao butter. For all lovers of banana pancakes or fresh chocolate chip banana bread, this flavor is the perfect replacement sans the sugar rush.

“Feeding your family is exhausting,” says Goodbaum. “If you want to prioritize both convenience and clean ingredients, you usually end up having to compromise. We created Happy Wolf because we believe that every kid deserves the best, and every parent deserves to have accessible options that they feel good about.” 

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