Featured image for 'Cure For Racism' Is Anti-AAPI Hate Awareness Campaign Featuring Fake Packaging

'Cure For Racism' Is Anti-AAPI Hate Awareness Campaign Featuring Fake Packaging

by Rudy Sanchez on 06/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

According to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, reported anti-Asian hate crimes increased 339% last year, after rising 124% in 2020. Some cities saw more significant spikes, such as San Francisco, where 2021 saw a 567% rise in anti-AAPI hate crimes. According to Pew Research Center, half of Asian Americans sometimes worry about being attacked because of their race or ethnicity.

This continued increase in anti-AAPI hate crimes inspired agency Anchor Worldwide to create a guerilla campaign. Proposed by Anchor art director Kevin Bae, “Cure for Racism” aims to raise awareness of anti-Asian racism, including placing boxes of “Cure for Racism” in pharmacies and drug stores and mock outdoor advertising with slogans like “Feel less racist, fast!”

The boxes come styled to appear similar to over-the-counter medication. “Cure for Racism” goes across the top of the box, with “AAPI formula” noted underneath. Graphics representing Asian nations in yellow adorn the front and back, such as the Ashoka Chakra, a national symbol of India, the Korean Taegeuk, and a solid disk reminiscent of Japan’s flag on the front. The sun and moon symbols from the Nepalese flag and the cluster of five stars from the flag of the People’s Republic of China are on the back panel of the packaging.

Messaging in the copy explains that there is no medical cure for racism, suggesting introspection and, if experiencing increased thoughts of racism and violence, to stay home and rest forever. 

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The faux product instead directs those inflicted with racism to seek help through education and conversation with community members and a QR code that leads to Stop AAPI Hate, a non-profit organization that tracks incidents of anti-AAPI hate.

Images courtesy of Anchor Worldwide.