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Whipnotic Upgrades Whipped Cream With Innovative Can

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/17/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Canned whipped cream is incredibly convenient, as well as delicious. While other snack classics have seen modern interpretations with better ingredients or reformulated to be healthier and compatible with vegan, keto, and gluten-free diets, canned whipped hasn’t seen much innovation. 

Whipnotic is one of the latest brands putting a modern twist on a beloved treat, elevating co-founder Lori Gitomer’s beloved topping with a gluten-free and keto-friendly recipe that incorporates a flavor swirl with the dairy-based whipped cream when dispensed. Plus, they have a new, patented whip cream can with different pressurized compartments inside and a unique nozzle that dispenses the components together.

The branding and vision were conceived and developed internally by Gitomer, her sister and co-founder Tracy Luckow, and co-founder Elissa Harman. Whipnotic then turned to Doulas Bouton and his team to help design the packaging. 

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Bouton is a former co-founder of Halo Top and the founder of Gatsby Chocolate. Available in four varieties, Starberry Swirl, Peach Mango, Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla Salted Caramel, each label has a color palette inspired by its corresponding flavor. The colors are swirled together on the can, a nod to the Whipnotic concept, and fun graphics get interspersed on the label, like peach slices, yellow dots reminiscent of strawberry seeds, or white, salt-like specks. The Whipnotic logo blends sophistication with playfulness, incorporating a circular swirl to replace the “o” in Whipnotic; the secondary type is casual with rounded edges, a reminder that whipped cream makes everything more delightful.

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Whipped cream is an ideal addition to many things, from coffee, fruit, cake, and ice cream, or even as a treat you suck out of the can. But the canned variety required a contemporary upgrade, incorporating tasty flavors while being keto-friendly and gluten-free for today’s consumer. The trio of women at the head of Whipnotic saw a need for a low-sugar whipped cream with natural fruit juices and flavor essences, delivered in a new and innovative pressurized can.

Whipnotic launches this summer.

Images courtesy of Whipnotic.