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Wellness And Period Care Brand Cora Launches New Inclusive Identity Created By Mother Design

by Chloe Gordon on 04/29/2022 | 2 Minute Read

While supremely natural, menstruation results in plenty of products that are anything but. 

The plastics used in pads and tampons come from materials that require energy-intensive processing, leading to intense fossil fuel emissions that severely impair the environment and unrecyclable plastics bound for a landfill. Not to mention, those who lack access to period care products have to rely on unsanitary materials like toilet paper, cardboard, or rags. 

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US-based period care and wellness company Cora has unveiled its new brand identity from Mother Design to strengthen its relevance to millennial consumers while proudly depicting its core ethos of empathy. The new branding and packaging systems improve Cora's messaging, provide accessibility, and shift the brand into a space where consumers feel they are supported. 

The rebrand concentrates on capturing the ebbs and flows felt by those who menstruate. The oscillating elements get visualized through energetic typography, a modernized color palette, and clever use of negative space. 

The new oversized logo helps drive the brand into an easily recognizable space, communicating encouragement and expertise in the period care market. For example, the angled "O" in the logo gets propped up by the "C" to emphasize the brand's empathetic mindset. Additionally, the fluidity of the "R" signifies a sense of approachability. Down the curvature of the individual letters within the logo, each detail gets executed beautifully. 

Cora's focus on diverting products from landfills is seen through its range of reusable period-care products. From the Easy-Does-It Cup to the Free-To-Flow Underwear, the brand isn't entirely plastic-free but shares opportunities for those who menstruate to help reduce waste and their single-use plastic footprint. The identity's natural yet optimistic palette emphasizes the product's interconnectedness to the earth and body. Furthermore, the scope of tones helps consumers distinguish between absorbance and easily navigate the vast range of products. 

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In line with the self-care tone, Cora's new product names emphasize the emotional benefit of the product. For example, The Comfort Fit Tampon, The Peace-of-Mind Pad, The Got-You-Covered Liner, and The Perfect Fit Disc shift consumers' thought processes from health care to self-care. 

"We heard from consumers that being comfortable is a top priority when on their period, yet more than half of people never feel that way," said Dana Cohen, Cora's chief marketing officer, in a press release. "With our new brand look, Cora is going all-in on comfort, empathy, and belonging, because we believe consumers deserve to be comfortable on their periods."

Images by Molly Matalon.

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