Featured image for Rowdy Mermaid Announces Clarity Tonics Powered By Lion's Mane

Rowdy Mermaid Announces Clarity Tonics Powered By Lion's Mane

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/11/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Since 2011, Rowdy Mermaid has brewed low alcohol kombucha mixed with botanicals. In 2020, the RTD kombucha brand expanded with a line of “Adaptonic” sparkling beverages powered by reishi mushrooms, which some believe promote immunity health. The Colorado-based firm has recently announced a new line of lion’s mane sparkling tonics focused on mental clarity.

The new “Clarity Tonics” are available in four flavors: Asian Pear Elderflower, Mandarin Turmeric, Pineapple Lemongrass, and Raspberry Hibiscus. The packaging follows similar to the reishi-based “Immunity Tonics,” using the two-piece mushroom logo derived from the original mermaid tail logo in white instead of black and likewise wrapped around the front and back of the can. Clarity tonics use more subdued pastel colors, perhaps a nod to the purported positive effect on mood from lion's mane.

“At Rowdy Mermaid, we are passionate about delivering products that are functional and packed with fruits and botanical herbs that make all our products deliciously drinkable," said Jamba Dunn, CEO and founder of Rowdy Mermaid, in a press release. “This passion is realized with every sip of Adaptonic Clarity, which delivers on flavor and function and fits our unwavering standards of what is healthy, delicious, and sustainable.”

According to the same press release, rowdy Mermaid Clarity Tonics will be available nationwide this September.