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Magic Spoon Rebrands as 'Magic Stroon'

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

In recent years, Magic Spoon has caused quite the stir at breakfast. Packaged in fantastically playful packaging designed by Gander, the new food startup woke up the inner child of consumers and tuned them into low-carb diets. Consumers that had long resigned themselves to mornings full of boring breakfasts ran out to once again experience sugary cereal—without as much sugar, of course.

The Instagram sensation that made eating a bowl of cereal fun again continues to innovate at the breakfast table with a new piece of tableware called Magic Stroon. Combining a spoon and straw, hence stroon, the new cereal-eating implement extends Magic Spoon’s fun aesthetic with a rainbow finish and twirly shape reminiscent of novelty straws that maybe some of us are too scared of using as grown-ups. 

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The Stroon means consumers no longer have to tilt their heads back and slurp the leftover milk from the bowl like uncouth barbarians. Consumers can now elegantly drink their cereal milk and avoid spilling it on themselves, all the more critical as more folks are getting recalled to their cubicles after working from home for the past few years. Being Magic Spoon, they kept the Stroon design fun, of course.

To commemorate this leap in breakfast technology, Magic Spoon has also rebranded as Magic Stroon and is giving a Stroon away with every purchase.

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“We’re so excited to be announcing our rebrand to Magic Stroon! As always, we’re dedicated to bringing a bit of magic to your mornings,” a spokesperson for Magic Stroon told Dieline. “The simultaneous access to both milk and cereal of the Stroon is impeccable and everything we strive for, so this new name was an easy choice.”