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Williams Premium Canned Cocktails

by Chloe Gordon on 03/30/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Like many, Williams Canteen is a bar that became instantly more innovative the second COVID induced a lockdown. The bar created six high-quality cocktails served in a can to keep its clients happy. Offff developed the packaging design, and the result is six stunning labels, evocative of the bar's stylish and genuine philosophy. Truly clever, these canned cocktails are the perfect example of how packaging can be repurposed in different sectors flawlessly.

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This is a true story. Back in March 2020, Rotterdam was in its first lockdown. And the lovely people at Williams Canteen (our client) were determined not to loose their bar. How could they do that? By doing what they do best! Letting people enjoy the finest cocktails. Wherever they are. After a period of trial and error, they became masters of higher chemistry and developed six perfect, high quality cocktails that are ready to be canned. They figured it out. A can is ideal for a cocktail! Always a perfectly measured mix and the taste remains optimal for months. Always ready to be served. 

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So, the inside of the can was crafted to perfection, now the outside had to come alive. 

We at Offff are surefooted with the following; You can’t build a brand on sameness. Therefore, we build brands based on difference. 

With that in mind we developed six cocktail labels, two labels for bites that complement the cocktails and a gift box for these 8 cans. 

Brand religion: excellence is an attitude Brand associations: stylish, original, genuine Design concept: excellent mix >> A couple of bartenders and a Covid-19 lockdown. A great recipe for creativity. A cocktail in a can. The perfect combination. The right color and feel for each cocktail. The base is born. And there is it; A NIGHT OUT IN A CAN. 

"Williams Premium Canned Cocktails, the highest quality right at your doorstep. Your own cocktail bar whenever where ever. A range of premixed cocktail classics to suit everyone’s needs". 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph