Featured image for Force Majeure Helps Redefine ‘Girl Power’ With a New Gen Z Fragrance From Rochas

Force Majeure Helps Redefine ‘Girl Power’ With a New Gen Z Fragrance From Rochas

by The Dieline on 03/21/2022 | 2 Minute Read

By: Laurence Delebois

Girl Power. 

The phrase became a cultural phenomenon, adopted as a mantra for millions of girls in the mid-90s thanks to the British all-female group The Spice Girls. Their version of girl power focused on the importance of strong and loyal friendship among females, with a message of empowerment that appealed to young girls, adolescents, and adult women. 

"If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever; friendship never ends."

But it’s not the 90s anymore. In a non-binary society where social media dictates information, trends, and looks, what does “girl power” mean? 

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The most recent interpretation of women empowerment under the term “Girlboss," coined by former Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoroso, is already dead. Pinning feminism to hustle was probably never a good idea, and the concept of “Girl Power” clearly needs reinvention. 

With their new fragrance GIRL targeting a younger audience (the popular Gen Z), Rochas takes a captivating direction, inviting girls everywhere to focus on the essential—getting to know themselves. To live freely, embrace self-acceptance, celebrate their differences, and have faith in their own abilities. 

“GIRL has a unique power, just like all those who wear it.”

As a creative agency, our interpretation of this new definition for “girl power” is a love song to new femininity. Femininity that embraces instead of excluding. Femininity that celebrates instead of limiting. It’s about moving away from individualism, elevating the power of unity, and adopting a more conscious mindset—towards others and our planet.

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For the brand identity, we pictured a brand new day, the smell of a new dawn where possibilities are endless, a new routine, a spray for change. That translates into an art direction that embraces a blue sky full of hope, sunrise lighting, natural shadows, winds of change, natural off-white textures, no horizon-infinite possibilities, and drama for action-low angle. The secondary package design features a “less is more” approach with strong contrasts—a natural and fresh green that meets a timeless black, and an inviting font for the logo, bringing a sense of trendiness and appeal to the luxury category codes while conveying a conscious and responsible mindset. 

The environment has changed, mentalities have evolved, the girls of yesterday are not the ones of tomorrow. GIRL’s version of girl power is an ode to freedom, joy, and energy, celebrating a new inclusive mindset. 

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