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HIYERO Designed Its Packaging To Imitate A Camera

by Chloe Gordon on 01/06/2022 | 3 Minute Read

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Packaging Design:

The camera filter has evolved with the photography industry - at this point in time each lens at least has a filter that offers basic protection. The question that arises though is how do filters are stored and protected when not in use? The fundamental issue with the typical cases that come with filters are usually cheap material, lackluster design, and difficult to open for use.. Hiyero is a company that understands this and seeked a solution of protection, sleekest, and ease of use.

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The solution is a simple radial designed case that emulates the old style of storing cinema movie films. The filter case is a top and bottom lid open/closed by magnets that are concealed flush in the lid for a more sleek finish. The bottom lid houses a rubber-like pad that is molded to the shape of the filter threads to ensure the filter is safe and secure. The top of the lid has a foam padding to reduce/eliminate movement and stretching on the glass surface.

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The package is one of a kind in the camera filter business; after careful study of the packaging of other camera filters in the market, we have designed the package to imitate a camera with 2 objectives; The box comes in the same proportions as a camera and with a camera outline drawn inside and around the filter case which is placed in a hole exactly in the middle to keep the case stable and secured and create the look of a lens on the camera. The box not only works as safe and secure storage, but also something that can be proudly displayed.

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About Hiyero:

Hiyero is a community of artists based out of New York City, USA. This Reflective Filter by Hiyero is the world’s first, (patent pending) one-way mirror camera filter that allows the user to evaluate themselves on the lens without the use of an articulating screen. With the use of specialty glass capable of enhancing the photo and the experience.

Product Design:

The frame of the R-filter is manufactured with the highest quality of aluminum with a black matte finish. We use ultra-thin low-profile frames to help avoid vignetting on super wide-angle lenses and bevel edges for ease of attachment and removal. The glass of the R-filter is manufactured with high quality glass that is transparent on one side and reflective on the other. Our glass is created by placing a layer of semi-transparent film of aluminum on an acrylic substrate. This allows a certian percentage of light to pass through and reflects the rest.

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Hiyero is going to be manufacturing 1000 units for round one. Round two will manufacture 5000 units.

Inspired by Filippo Brunelleschi's painting of the Florence Baptistery through the use of a camera obscura, we were inspired to use this pinhole image concept to create our filter.

Brand Design:

The Logo is comprised of two core elements: the symbol, and the logotype. The symbol is a powerful image evoking the culture of the business - Minimal, Direct, and Conceptual. The core logo is the letter H with a twist; The H is symmetrical and mirrored creating what we view as an abstract image of a camera. The two halves create a circle perfectly in the middle referencing the camera lens and the artistry the brand provides. The E + R are the only letters in the logo that are mirrored and give a different shape; This mirroring doesn’t affect the readability and helps play into the unique products/outlook we offer. All the mirroring in the logo refers to the main function and versatility of the product. Our lens’ goal is to make the camera more readable to the eye so we wanted our logo to follow suit. With only the lens as reference to keep the shape as simple as possible we used differences in line thickness to make the H stand out symmetrically and with mirrored halves complimenting everything else and bringing balance perfectly to the logo.