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Amazon Shippers Featuring Billie Eilish Getting Resold On eBay Because Reasons

by Rudy Sanchez on 08/16/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Pop music clout has more to do with topping the streaming charts and social media followers today, making music a somewhat more detached experience. We can access the soundtrack of our lives from the same device we use to read our email, text messages, and look at memes—no additional device or media necessary.

Unfortunately, the lack of a dedicated physical device to play our favorite tunes means our music listening experience is now void of physical artifacts that we can use to surround us physically, a visual manifestation of the music, like a CD case or record cover. The desire to do so endures, however, so folks trying to snag Amazon shipping boxes featuring Billie Eilish can be somewhat forgiven.

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The shippers are part of an ongoing partnership between Eilish and the ginormous internet behemoth that also included a headlining performance for the Prime Day Show by the pop star and an exclusive box set of Happier than Ever that includes IRL items like a CD, poster, book, and scarf, all apparently not enough for devoted fans, who call themselves “eyelashes.”

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According to Spy.com, Amazon created the shipping boxes featuring Billie Eilish’s visage in 5 different sizes and were shipped out randomly to customers on July 23rd. The boxes also feature a QR code that goes to an Amazon.com page for Eilish merchandise.

The promotional shipping boxes are currently fetching as much as $10 on auction site eBay.