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Pepsi Partners With VaynerNFT To Launch 'Mic Drop' NFT Collection

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/10/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Pepsi is the latest brand to enter the NFT space, giving away 1,893 unique tokens called the Pepsi Mic Drop collection. Each NFT is individually generated using an algorithm, so no two pieces will be alike.

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Mic Drop is a reflection of the musical theme of the NFT collection. Pepsi has had a long connection with pop music, starting in 1969 with its You’ve Got A Lot To Live, and Pepsi’s Got a Lot To Give campaign, which featured singers such as Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette. More recently, Pepsi has teamed up with Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Britney Spears, and One Direction, to name just a few. Each NFT gets centered around a microphone in different colors and styles. Other musically-themed touches to the NFTs include headphones, sunglasses, hairdos, headbands, and laser eyes. The range of accessories and microphone styles come from different music genres and eras, and some, like handlebar mustache, are just fun and different. Mic Drop NFTs also found inspiration in Pepsi’s signature sodas, such as Wild Cherry and, of course, Crystal Pepsi. Finally, offering 1,893 NFTs is a nod to the beloved soda brand's birth year.

The soft drink brand partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk’s crypto consulting firm VaynerNFT. The waitlist for the NFT drop opens today at noon EST at Beginning December 12th, those on the approved waitlist have 48 hours to mint the NFT. Each Mic Drop NFT is free, though winners will pay Ethereum gas fees. These fees go to the network and vary based on blockchain traffic. Pepsi is also implementing a carbon offset program to make Mic Drop carbon neutral.

“Pepsi has always been a brand with a strong heritage in music and pop culture, so it's only fitting for us to bring that legacy into the new world of NFTs with a 'mic drop' of epic proportions,” said Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing at Pepsi, in a press release. "We created the Pepsi Mic Drop genesis NFT collection for our fans, putting their interests and needs at the forefront by ensuring the NFTs are all free of charge and presented equitably as an inclusive and accessible opportunity for anyone to experience the exciting world of NFTs. This collectible series of microphones is not only inspired by our history but also represents the scale and scope of how accessible we see this space becoming in the future.”

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