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Skip The Holiday Lattes This Year And Do The Gingerbread Snap'd MTN Dew

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/02/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Now that Halloween has come and gone, consumers are readying their taste buds for the flavors of winter. Everyone from coffee to soda brands dusts off anticipated fan favorites or introduces new beverages for the winter. Although supply chain issues and overwhelmed staff might make it a little more complicated to sip on some holiday mainstays, MTN DEW is stepping up to pick up the slack with its new Gingerbread Snap’d.

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As the name implies, MTN DEW Gingerbread Snap’d brings the bready, warm, and spicy flavor of gingerbread cookies to the Dew. Matching the festive taste inside the packaging is a fun take on gingerbread people and houses, but with a level of EXTREME commensurate with the brand. A gingerbread man with some serious Snake Plissken vibes stands behind the logo along the top, snowball in hand, and another more cheerful-looking cookie person sporting a bandolier of Christmas lights hangs around the bottom of the label. The 12-pack boxes depict another gingerbread man rocking a fun MTN Dew green mohawk and snowballs in each hand. The rest of the scene features traditional gingerbread houses in the background.

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Information about Gingerbread Snap’d leaked online to social media about five months ago, though thankfully, the color of the soda changed from a brownish hue to crystal clear for more shelf appeal since then. The festive soda flavor is officially available now in 20oz bottles and 12oz twelve-packs while supplies last.