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Sunday Afternoon Gets The Collective Arts Brewing Treatment

by Bill McCool on 07/29/2020 | 2 Minute Read

We’re a sucker for a limited-edition beer line, but when the labels get a design-assist from the team at Sunday Afternoon, we want to buy it by the case-load. 

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Ontario’s Collective Arts Brewing is well-known in the industry for their tasty brews as well as highlighting the work of emerging artists and creatives with their beer labels. Last month, they teamed up with the folks at New York City’s Sunday Afternoon to create eight labels for two of their beers, Life in the Clouds IPA and their Jam up the Mash Dry Hopped Sour. Eight artists from the collective worked on the project, including Rich Tu, Juan Carlos Pagan, Si Scott, Daniel Zender, Ben Johnston, Jordan Bruner, Josh Dickinson, and future Dieline conference speaker Tommy Perez

While the brewery typically does a single-artist edition for their beer labels, they intended this collaboration to serve as more of a collection for each of the beers. The studio’s brief was open-ended, and while the team set parameters for the project, what emerged made for some jaw-dropping can art.

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“We loved the opportunity to collaborate as a studio alongside our artists for Collective Arts. It’s rare that a brand approaches a project like this with such an open, creative heart and only one directive; to do what inspires you,” said Audrie Poole, executive producer of Sunday Afternoon, in a press release. “We truly appreciated the chance to bring eight of our artists together to create an energetic collection of cans for this special release.” 

The Jam up the Mash collection features a color palette of red, white, and blue, with highlights including Rich Tu’s slightly psychedelic can which features what appears to be a pair of lips getting set to nosh on five fingers, as well as Juan Carlos Pagan’s op-art label complete with wavy lines. On the flip side, the Life in Clouds collection is a little more subdued with blues, greens, and pinks—Tommy Perez’s can features 3D Shapes and Jordan Bruner’s illustration showcase a woman with her head, well, in the clouds.

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“We are always looking to push the boundaries of our art program and we’re able to do this by collaborating with partners like Sunday Afternoon who have set the stage for progressive and disruptive creativity,” said Bob Rusell, CCO of Collective Arts, in a press release.

Both limited-edition beers are now available throughout Ontario and New York. Get them while you can.