Featured image for JUDY Creates 'Tiger King' Inspired Disaster Kit For All The Cool Cats And Kittens Out There

JUDY Creates 'Tiger King' Inspired Disaster Kit For All The Cool Cats And Kittens Out There

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/06/2020 | 2 Minute Read

The fascination over Netflix’s runaway sensation Tiger King speaks to the part of the brain that responds with surprised Pikachu at the most sensational, scandalous, and incredible. The docu-series allowed the mostly quarantined-at-home populace to collectively rubberneck at the escalating drama unfolding in the extremely niche big cat community. The colorful cast of individuals and their antics manage to steal the show and become a bigger draw than the charismatic megafauna surrounding them.

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Disaster kit maker JUDY is unabashedly tapping into that big cat energy that’s so hot right now to promote emergency preparedness with a new “Tiger Safe” container, which includes all the standard loadout of their Safe kit but sports an exotic striped outer tote. Though not affiliated with Netflix, the kit maker did retain the services of Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay to perform the voiceover for an ad promoting the new kit.

"We know that emergency preparedness is so important that we'll do anything for you to pay attention and prepare your family. At a critical time when 60 percent of American households have no emergency plan in place, we hope to change that statistic, one family at a time,” said JUDY CEO Simon Huck in a statement.

Proceeds from sales of the limited-edition Tiger Safe go towards supporting America’s Food Fund, a non-profit dedicated to providing meals to those vulnerable due to COVID-19.

JUDY says no tigers were harmed in the creation of this new kit but gave no word on if any husbands were injured.