Mighty Green's Packaging Is A Hemp Dream

by Shawn Binder on 12/04/2019 | 2 Minute Read

"You do you" can look like a lot of different things—reading True Crime novels under the covers, eating an entire pint of ice cream while watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 7th time (possibly while crying over McSteamy), or maybe calling your in-laws to appease your partner.

Whatever "doing you" might look like, Mighty Green is there to make it a bit easier. 

The design team at Lyon & Lyon was approached by Mighty Green to create a CBD brand that could stand out from the sea of sterile and confusing products with cannabis leaves available. Their work with Mighty Green has helped set the tone for a bustling brand of epic proportions, championing the natural power of hemp. 

Editorial photograph

The result is a stunning package that makes hemp the hero of the product. Mighty Green’s primary color for its packaging is an egg-white that speaks to the natural ingredients the snacks contain. The playful san-serif font utilizes an exclamation point instead of an "I," which is, like, fine since it’s a CBD snack, and exclamation points usually give me anxiety. The back of the packaging shares Mighty Green’s mission statement, “to Revolutionise wellness,” along with some interesting factual information that consumers will appreciate, such as "What the hemp is CBD?!” 

Editorial photograph

This gorgeous packaging’s only misstep is perhaps the switching of the words “hemp” for “hell.” But whatever hell Mighty Green might want you to imagine yourself in, their packaging is pure heaven.

Editorial photograph

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