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Edible Maker 1906 Delivers Fast-Acting, Tailor-Made Highs

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/07/2019 | 2 Minute Read

It wasn’t long ago—and sadly still the case for some—that the kind of weed available was limited by what one’s dealer had on hand. Today’s toker in legal states can not only choose from a cornucopia of ways to get high but also fine-tune that high based on activity or time-of-day.

Edibles are an attractive option for many, particularly the novice cannabis user, though there are some drawbacks like finding the right dose that won't leave you a paranoid wreck or take several hours to kick in.

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Cannabis brand 1906 has developed a line of edibles with a faster onset that comes formulated to enhance specific activities. Using a patented lipid micro-encapsulation process, as well as cannabis sourced from single strains, 1906 claims their edibles take effect as quickly as 20 minutes and are consistent in dose and feeling.

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To distinguish between the functional effects of each product across the line, the brand makes use of color to differentiate their line. Bliss is characterized by a cheerful orange, yellow, and white package while Midnight, made to improve sleep, is pitch-black with purple. Love, created to enhance sensuality, is pink and red, and Genius comes in a sunny yellow. Formulations are available as premium chocolate, as well as micro-dose-friendly Drops pills.

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1906's edibles are currently available from licensed retailers in Colorado.

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