JKR’s Final Word ‘Trumpifies’ Your Missives, Gives Them Presidential Weight

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/27/2019 | 2 Minute Read

While the holidays are a time for families and close ones to come together for festive feasts and general merriment, it also means moments of discomfort surrounding otherwise divisive topics. Or, you know, politics!

In our contemporary era of zero-sum discourse, even friendly chit-chat with that uncle that has Fox News on all day can be difficult. The folks at renowned creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie decided to create a font modeled on 45’s handwriting, which we got a clear view of recently, and included it in a homebrewed note generator, which features cleverly hidden auto-corrects, to ensure your communique to your boomer uncle about a quid pro quo deal of mashed potatoes for stuffing gets through clearly with the tone and language befitting of the Oval Office.

The Final Word looks like a notepad, bears the POTUS seal, and says “Aboard Air Force One,” the president’s executive air transport and office in the sky along the top. The web app makes use of JKR’s cleverly named “Quid Pro Sans” font, which is free to download, as is the notepad template, although the agency has suggested downloaders donate $10 to the ACLU, because nothing is ever truly free, least of which is the continuing fight to defend civil liberties. And let’s be honest, $10 for a novelty font is the kind of quid pro quo that no one would see as improper, much less impeachable.

Playing with the note generator for a short period of time uncovered some autocorrect gems, and although JKR offered to share a list of over 100 “Trumpified” autocorrections, that would take the fun out of finding examples like “CNN” changed to “Fake News” and “Warren” turned into “Pocahontas,” as well as a few best left hidden for full comedic effect when discovered.

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